What’s a DBA and Why Does It Matter to a Franchise

Many entrepreneurs new to starting a small business know there are a few legal procedures they must accomplish before they can open up shop. Some of the primary ones include incorporating or forming an LLC to protect their assets, obtaining employer identification numbers (EINs) if they plan on hiring employees,[…]

The Increasing Role of Private-Equity Firms in Franchising

Those who are familiar with the business side of franchising may know that private-equity firms have viewed franchises as attractive investments. Due to several recent high-profile examples of private-equity companies purchasing franchises, this growing relationship has come into greater focus as one of the biggest trends in franchising. Last year,[…]

Recruitment tips for franchisors

Finding talented franchisees can be incredibly challenging. Bringing individuals into the organisation can be disruptive and requires a great deal of investment on behalf of the franchisor. Consequently, you need to get it right. Here, we take a look at our top 5 tips for franchisee recruitment. Why is an[…]

Why you should try before you buy a franchise

When you make any big purchase in your life, chances are you think long and hard before you decide. Part of your decision-making process will be influenced by your experience of what you’re about to buy, and this can only truly be gained by trying it out first. Just as[…]

Top tips on applying for franchise finance

Most new franchise units are part financed by traditional business lenders, such as the high street banks and specialist franchise financiers. This means that most franchisees must go through the finance application process. Here, we offer our top ten tips concerning what you need to do if you’re applying for[…]

Top 5 causes of franchise conflict and how they can be avoided

Many experts argue that conflict between franchisors and franchisees should be avoided at all costs. In reality, a frictionless, ever-harmonious relationship between a franchisor and franchisor is not only impossible but also undesirable. Conflict can be incredibly useful and often results in positive change. That being said, regular strife, as[…]

How to promote your franchise using social media

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. Consumers are choosing to migrate from traditional means of sharing and receiving information to using social media as their primary way to communicate. This provides enormous benefits to small businesses as an affordable way to reach[…]

Top tips on how to become a profitable franchisee

Profitable franchises do not become successful overnight. They take hard work, determination and dedication from the ambitious franchisees that run them. It’s one thing to follow your dream of becoming the boss but another thing to turn your passion into franchise profits. So how do the thriving franchisees do it[…]

What are franchise fees and royalties

Technically, a “franchise fee” is the upfront cost associated with obtaining use of the franchisor’s mark (its name/logo/mark) as well as numerous sundry items such as initial training, set-up, and so on. In other words, the franchise fee is the initial cost paid by the franchisee to join the system.[…]

How to run a franchise from home

Prospective franchisees seeking an opportunity to work at home are in luck. There are a host of franchisors that have realized practically any business can be run just as successfully from home as from a storefront location, and that includes bookkeeping and financial services, consulting, children’s services, computer training and[…]