The 4 Marketing Moves Every Franchise Should Make

Marketing for franchises is deceptively complicated. A brand must present one unified mission to its customers but also communicate it to communities through far-flung franchisees. It’s a big task, which is why many franchises use marketing agencies that specialize in franchising. “The more we know about a brand, how that[…]

The 6 Best Financing Options for Franchising a Business

Offering both the flexibility and independence of being a small business owner, plus the support and infrastructure of a large corporation, a franchise can be the ideal opportunity for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Even so, opening a franchise requires a significant investment of capital — often including a[…]

What Business Licenses Does My Franchise Need

Starting a franchise is far easier than starting a business from scratch. One reason for this is that you have a proven business model backing you. Another reason is that you will have so much guidance when it comes to which business licenses your franchise needs. The first step to[…]

Retaining Franchise Employees

Retaining great employees is the key to success in franchising, or in any business for that matter. This is especially true in retail businesses, where your company is represented by the people who deal directly with your customers. Hiring has its own challenges, but once employees are trained and performing[…]

Training Tips from Successful Franchisees

How the pros do it – every day in every way Training employees can be challenging for new franchisees who have never operated their own business before. While they come to franchising with many valuable skills, training employees usually is not one of them. Large corporations have training specialists to[…]

Training Franchise Employees

One of the challenges new franchisees face begins soon after the franchise agreement is signed: hiring and training employees. The success of each franchised unit depends on the quality and behavior of its employees. And it’s hard to find a franchise concept that doesn’t need employees to function. The challenge[…]

Marketing Inside Your Business

Previously, we discussed how you can tap into the rich marketing resources provided by 1) your franchisor, and 2) your fellow franchisees. This article looks at ways to market 3) within your business, 4) through community involvement, and 5) using social media and mobile phones to reach your customers. 1)Your[…]

Marketing Skills You’ll Need

The marketing skills you’ll need to grow your franchise business vary with the type of business you’re in, as well as where and how you do business. Food, retail, and service businesses each require different marketing skills; storefront, mobile, and home-based businesses mean different approaches to finding customers; and the[…]

What Franchisees Need to Do Before Interviewing with a Franchisor

Franchisees who are serious about buying a franchise already know that they’ll need to undergo an interview with a franchisor before they can sign the franchise agreement and make the investment. Much like any interview, franchisees know they can’t walk in unprepared. They have to do their homework in advance[…]